Monday, March 5, 2012

Vulnerable Adults - Help those, who may not know how to help themselves.

It has recently come to mind that people I know that have mental impairments have gone to the Crossing Church. It made me start to wonder how much money and property has been turned over by these and other susceptible people. If you have a loved one attending the Crossing church and they are considered a vulnerable adult (i.e., elderly, mentally ill, etc.) please contact the church and make them aware that person is classified as vulnerable. If they continue to take money, they are taking advantage of these at-risk people and that is against the law.

Definition of a Vulnerable Adult (taken from the State of MN website):

Subd. 21.Vulnerable adult.

(a) "Vulnerable adult" means any person 18 years of age or older who:
(1) is a resident or inpatient of a facility;
(2) receives services at or from a facility required to be licensed to serve adults under sections 245A.01 to 245A.15, except that a person receiving outpatient services for treatment of chemical dependency or mental illness, or one who is served in the Minnesota sex offender program on a court-hold order for commitment, or is committed as a sexual psychopathic personality or as a sexually dangerous person under chapter 253B, is not considered a vulnerable adult unless the person meets the requirements of clause (4);
(3) receives services from a home care provider required to be licensed under section 144A.46; or from a person or organization that exclusively offers, provides, or arranges for personal care assistance services under the medical assistance program as authorized under sections 256B.04, subdivision 16256B.0625, subdivision 19a256B.0651256B.0653 to 256B.0656, and 256B.0659; or
(4) regardless of residence or whether any type of service is received, possesses a physical or mental infirmity or other physical, mental, or emotional dysfunction:
(i) that impairs the individual's ability to provide adequately for the individual's own care without assistance, including the provision of food, shelter, clothing, health care, or supervision; and
(ii) because of the dysfunction or infirmity and the need for care or services, the individual has an impaired ability to protect the individual's self from maltreatment.
(b) For purposes of this subdivision, "care or services" means care or services for the health, safety, welfare, or maintenance of an individual.

Examples of abuse from the State of MN website:  
The act of forcing, compelling, coercing, or enticing a vulnerable adult against the vulnerable adult’s will to perform services for the advantage of another.              

... acquires possession or control of, or an interest in, funds or property of a vulnerable adult through the use of undue influence, harassment, duress, deception, or fraud; or    
... forces, compels, coerces, or entices a vulnerable adult against the vulnerable adult’s will to perform services for the profit or advantage of another.  

Sound familiar?  If you don't tithe, God will not bless you. It is a sin against Got not to tithe, you will go to Hell??  How much more coercing or enticing does a person need, when they may have the mental age of a child?? If you don't help your loved ones, who will?

God Bless them and protect them,

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