Saturday, March 24, 2012

The "Code": Code content taken from their website

I am sorry, but am I the only one who feels that this code reads like his own set of commandments? Eric needs to go back to teaching biblical sermons. How much respect would be gained by him for admitting his error and moving forward on a wondrous path to redemption!?

Thou shall have no other focus before Crossing Church. Notice that finances are first? This should speak volumes to you. Then your schedule, because the more time you spend at church, the less time you have to do drugs or drink and the less money they have to pay for staff to do things. WIN-WIN.  Your talent, well, with your talent they don’t have to hire musicians, marketing or various other people to do what you will do for free.  Don't worry about your family joining up. If they become a problem you  may get a full time job out of it or even sent to the next level, after you "cut" them from your huddle.

Thou shall have no other leader since "GOD gave this vision to ERIC."  If you don’t agree with it, you disagree with GOD, therefore you are not a good Christian and you can look forward to the door in #7 hitting you in the bum on your way out. Oh, and you will go to Hell.

Thou shalt not sit on your butt not serving and bringing your friends and family. You are responsible for saving them from hell. But, I will give them part of this one. They do invade the city, but they condemn those that don't agree with their teaching. If you don’t follow #2, or memorize this “code” you will not be there for long as a leader or anything else. They do say all the time that it is always only about Jesus, even though they don't talk about His life all that much unless they are making up what they think His life and career were like. You CAN learn a lot about Eric's life.

But thou shalt not expect help when you are hurting when it isn't the weekend or a more public forum for them to help you and everyone can see it. Everyone IS welcome, and as long as you serve, tithe, follow, respect, obey leaders, (don’t you dare ever rock the boat, or ask a hard question), you will do fine. They are not there for the religious people, because religious people might actually expect Biblical teaching and guidanced.

Yes, the weekend. Don’t ever expect to get a pastor to talk to during the week, during regular office hours, or the evening for that matter.  Don’t get sick or die either, because they don’t visit the sick or do funerals, unless you are a close, personal friend or a very connected leader.

Boy, don’t they ever. They portray Jesus as a dude’s dude. Heavy rock, young, attractive, hip staff and musicians. Sex sells and if you hang around more than a service or two, he will “preach” about it. And who wouldn't want to go to a rock concert every weekend?

Thou shalt not take up any of their valuable time, if you try, bye-bye. They have no problem kicking you out or ostracizing you for anything perceived as a threat or divisive to leadership. They are correct in saying they care about bringing in more people and not worried about keeping the ones they have.  Once you are hooked, they just expect you to follow along, like sheep to the slaughter, following the warped theology all the way.

The faith of the congregants is more of a reaction to motivational speeches and fear of not following “God’s plan” for Eric’s church. If you don't agree with the plan, you are disobedient to God. If you don’t do what is asked, “you can leave”, but don’t expect God to bless you or anyone to talk to you ever again.

They hand over more than 10% or they are not allowed to be a staff member or leader. Think about that. Staff members are paying themselves to work there. Leaders are paying for their title.  I have also heard from several people how they were belittled for pledging too small of an amount for Samurai, I guess their leaders didn't teach them well on this one.  A ton of the money is used for pastors to take trips out of town, buying gift cards and food for staff and volunteers, again, tithing to pay their own benefits. No wonder finances aren't an open book. Everyone would see how much is really spent helping those in need.

They only do a few things and they DO them well. Like focus on Eric, worship Eric, follow Eric and live to serve Eric. Small groups are to discuss the weekend "sermon" not the bible or Jesus. Cellar classes are based on Eric's theology, 'nuf said.

Thou shalt covet the numbers the Furtick is getting in his church. But you, as an individual, don’t matter unless you are counted, but don’t worry they will find a way to count you, one way or another. Even if you only attend once, you are one of their saved souls. Congrats!!

They honor everyone publicly, for the most part, but privately, all your secrets are fair game and you really don't have to honor your parents, especially if you are over 18. Oh, and they expect you to honor and obey their every command. Treat Eric and Kelly with special distinction, or Eric may just “punch you in the throat”.

Really, it’s all about apprenticing to serve at church?  Read it in context. I am not even going to try explaining it, letting God do it, in his own words.
If you really and truly want to volunteer, do it. Some of their "volunteers" are the  lucky beneficiaries of hundreds of dollars in gift cards and free meals that are regularly given to "volunteers" for serving.

You bet it isn’t normal!! Ex-addicts becoming pastors with no formal training what-so-ever, people just put their name on a sign-up sheet and BOOM!!! You are a pastor?!?!? Quite frankly, I think they do take it for granted. I have a feeling What goes up, must come down.

All of the blue icons and numbered items come directly from crossing-church website, cut and pasted with my comments in between.

It is so hard to forgive and forget when those needing that forgiveness have no remorse, feel they have done nothing wrong, and continue on their same path and continue to hurt others... 


  1. Jen I just wanna say "Amen to you sister!" You have no idea how better I feel after your reading your blog posts. I too used to attend the Crossing and eventually moved on in more ways than 1. I was in complete shock when I read the "code" and felt guilt and shame when i questioned everything on there. I was in complete awe that they actually made reference to having a back door. What kind of church has a back door??
    I could go on & on, but I really just want to thank you for speaking up. Thank you for letting me know that I am not alone in my thoughts about the crossing.

  2. This infuriates me. The fact that a so called church is selling people this load of crap in the name of Jesus is beyond wrong. Why is no one in authority over the leadership of this church doing anything? Wasn't The Crossing started as a church plant from Grace Fellowship in Brooklyn Park, which is a Baptist General Conference Church? How can the organizations who put this whole mess into motion not be doing anything? What is Eric's response to who he is accountable to? I am absolutely disturbed by the entire thing...I am so sorry for what you and so many others have gone through because of this clearly narcissistic unBiblical cult leader. Also, regarding finances, if the church is registered as a non profit I believe their Annual Reports and Financial information HAS to be made available to its members, donors and the public. If nothing else, that is something that people should look into. There has to be accountability on some level. Insanity!! Again, I am deeply sorry for all that you experienced and I pray that you find healing.

    1. We met with some people from Grace. While they told us that the agreed we were not treated well, they could do nothing. Grace and BGC have no control or authority over Eric. I personally never heard from them again. We pour our hearts out to them for NOTHING.

  3. There is no authority over Eric and Kelly. They were a plant from Grace, but that is as far as the connection goes. As far as I know, they are not registered as a non-profit, but even if they are, Eric and Kelly have their own company "Thrill and Move Worldwide" that they can filter money thru.