Monday, February 20, 2012

I got your Booty right here...

Are you talking to me? 

If so, it is just a tad too late, and maybe a little in poor taste, for you to demand it back. You see, my portion of your plunder has been returned. I have already received my refund check from your Ninja, er sorry, Samurai fundraiser. The check has been cashed, cleared the bank and used wisely elsewhere.

To be clear, for those that may not understand completely...I felt that the promises made through the Samurai fundraiser were not met and wrote to the church to request a refund. Crossing Church sent me a check, no questions asked.

They keep hurting people, and they act like it is a joke. I am not laughing.

I predict that the above series will end with the Ninja being supreme, since there is the issue of a certain Pirate Christian that does not approve of Crossing Church, but keep in mind, if the pirates and ninjas are not Christ followers, does it matter who wins?

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