Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bait and Switch

I received an annual statement from that "church" earlier this week and then a second one today. This one offering the opportunity to sign up for "AUTO-GIVING" and a letter thanking me for my generous financial support in 2011. Evidently they have not realized that I haven't given in a long time and don't intend to give any more of my money, time, or life to their hopeless mission. 

At the crossing church, it is "Always only about" Eric, pretending it is about Jesus. Listening to so many other pastors at many area churches these past few months, I have noticed that none of the other pastors spend the "sermon" time telling stories completely about their own lives and only briefly reading the Bible or mentioning Jesus. 

Crossing church runs a Bait and Switch...They announce it is only about Jesus, get people in the door with promotional "Crap" and once you are there you get stories about Eric's life (including how hot his sex life is) and demands for money (lest ye be cursed), so that you will never again be able to afford buying your own "crap" or going on your own vacation, while he and his wife (and sometime the kids too) go somewhere out of state just about every month for "mentoring" or "conferences". I am so glad I have shed that "crap" from my life.

If you want to know about real preaching, check this out... Chris has done so much to teach me what to listen for and points out so many ways that pastors manipulate the Word. Discernment is SO important people. I recommend reading the Bible yourself and making sure what is being said in the Name of God compares properly to the Word of God.

Always, Really and Truly, Only about Jesus


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  1. Be encouraged. You are not alone. The Holy Spirit is alive and well and with you, lover of Jesus. Psalm 47

    Possible check out The Wartburg Watch blog. Two women who are all about looking at trends in Christianity and resources for spiritual abuse.